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The No. 1 reason you should exercise this New Year

The No. 1 reason you should exercise this New Year

Now that summer is over, what will you do?

Beach season is over, and you never step out of your home without three layers of clothing on, so it can be tempting to “take a break” from training.


But we all know what taking a break turns into…


Don't forget that you will lose your gains much faster than you made them.


Soon your new clothes will start to fit tight again, a flight of stairs will take your breath away, and your old couch potato energy levels will return.


And don't forget how training has helped you psychologically, soon that will return to normal too!


Next thing you know, summer 2022 is approaching and you are far from ready for it!


What was the point of putting in the effort if you're only going to let it all slip away after a couple of months?


Remember, true physical fitness is a result of years of training, not just months!


The old phrase “life is a marathon, not a sprint” is especially true when it comes to your fitness.


Do you have intense, muscle-splitting workouts, but only make it to the gym every once in a while? How have the results been?


When it comes to fitness, consistency is key. Even lower intensity workouts will stack up in the end if performed routinely!


Being physically fit is a lifestyle. As with any other lifestyle change, the hardest part is starting the new habits and getting them to stick.


This is why we at 1Up Nutrition created a Year End, “Fall” 8 Week Transformation Challenge!


The Challenge, with $50,000 of cash prizes, is specifically designed to help you make a huge change in your physique as quickly as possible, and to help you establish fitness habits that will keep you on the path long after the challenge is over!


We’re giving you everything you need to be successful in your fitness journey, and the opportunity to win some cash while you're at it!


To sign up for free, just download the 1Up Fitness app and click on the trophy!


Challenge Starts October 25th! We hope to see you then! 

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